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Friday, 20 January 2012

Then to sort koda traces, screens and dyes! So much preparation goes into it before the screen printing can actually go ahead and this is the whole process. Take a look and see what I've been up to!

Mixing up dyes and pastes in the dye lab! It looks messy but its very presice!

It was rinsed for around 20 mins to get every single last bit of dye out because if they was any left in, it would taint the colours printed onto the fabric.
Then it was dried and ironed the pinned out with samples, ready to be printed!

Because its a large furnishing fabric design they has to be two people doing the pull through, the screen itself is around 1.5metres long.
These are some of the first pull throughs and the result.

My theme is florals with a twist, however you will have to keep on the look out to wait for my development pictures to come up to find out what that twist is!!
Let me know what you think so far! Thanks! :)