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Friday, 24 February 2012

image copyright to hannah muers

I have made special one off print of cards, envelopes, gift tags, business cards, post cards, stickers, letter heads and compliment slips.
These have taken a great deal of time and effort so I have not been working on my final major project as much as I probably should have been. However I am very pleased with what I have made and I feel I am near finishing my self promotion and personal development box file.
Final major project is not going quite as well as I would have hoped however I am working hard I feel I am not getting the results i want at the moment. I am aiming to get some designs finished and painted ready for New York in Easter. That means i only have until March 30th to do this as that is when easter starts and college will be closed! I feel I am on the right track I just need to push myself further and harder.
We had 2 past students in this morning talking about what they have been upto and how they are getting on since graduating. This was a very scary thought that this time last year they were sat where I was today, listening to amazing stories of how this course has made their life!
However I didnt really relate to them as I know my profession is in teaching, I love design and print howveer I dont feel I am the right person for industy; however maybe freelance work I could be interested in as they spoke a little about that.
Anyway; watch this space for some amazing image filled designs!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

I drew it out on A0 tracing paper so I could see what the repeat pattern would be like as A1 is not large enough. I then drew part of it out in my sketchbook ready to develop some colour ways and define which media I will use to paint it. I will update my development stages so you can see my full process.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

NYC here I come!

Booked up to go to New York for a few days!! i have never been before and think it is going to be amazing!!

I am going to exhibit some of my wallpaper designs and bedding boards from my minor project and hope they get me noticed!!

By the time the show comes I will have some final wallpapers either painted/printed samples or lengths, I would also love to take these!!

I feel I have something to aim for and I really am out to impress!!

Printsource New York, The Premier Market for Surface and Textile Design in the USA, holds three shows a year in New York City. As the hub for the world’s top creative talent, Printsource showcases hundreds of collections by international surface and textile design studios and agents. England, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and the U.S.A. are just some of the countries featured each season at the Show, which is the main resource for surface and textile design for America's major manufacturers, retailers and catalogs. The Show covers such industries as men's, children's and women's apparel, bed and bath, kitchen and tabletop, paper goods and stationery, wallcoverings, window fashions as well as other surface and textile design applications. (Text taken from http://www.printsourcenewyork.com/index.html)

I had a day working from home today! I have a to do checklist with not many ticks on! So thought I would try and tick thing off!

These are some compliment slips I have made, these will add to my professionality and my branding. I intend to do letter heads to match.

Again I have been testing my Photoshop skills and I'm getting more confident and finding out new tricks and effects all the time. They have taken me a while, however this is mostly down to finding my way around photoshop!

Hope you like!

Monday, 13 February 2012

This is the start of my design development. It also may be the start of me and a relationship with Photoshop! I never thought I would see the day!

I have experimented with the program before but never given it enough time or patience as I would much rather have a pencil or paintbrush in my hand! However I feel I have made a complex design very quickly and I can develop the colourways much easier. I dont think I will be turning digital as I love my hand rendered work too much, I want a hand finished look to my wallpapers. However Photoshop is definietely going to be used throught my design development, even if it is just to test out different colourways on my hand rendered works!

I've been scanning in some of my work, to get some exciting business card designs. These are just a few. I have sent these off to be professionally printed with my designs on one side and my contact information on the other. These would be great to take to networking events, and to be on display at my degree show. Hopefully I can also take them to New Designers in London!

I now have a small online portfolio building up! Keep an eye out for work in progress!